10 things a business should do to grow through social media

An average person spends almost 2.5 hours on social media every day! Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have completely changed the world. They have become the easiest way to get somebody’s attention.

The biggest power of these platforms is that they let you run ads as well as build a page that is completely organic.

Organic means when you reach newer people without paying money. You reach them just because you are relevant.

In simple words, you can pay to reach more people, and they can like it and follow you. And, if someone follows you, you can reach out to them for free, just by making good content.

For example- if you run a dance class in Patna, you can share that video on social media. Now, if people like your video, it can reach all across Bihar and even the world without you spending even one rupee.

So, social media is a great channel for reaching people. But how do you do this? How to leverage social media? How to make your business grow through social media?

Here are 10 ways Webtechdm recommends you to do that-

Build a presence-

The first step to every type of journey is to start. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much you want to invest.

The First step to using social media right is “being there.” Find which platform your customers use the most and make an account there. It let’s people know that you have taken a step towards modernism.

Especially if your customers are young- they will love to tag you in their posts/stories. They also love to check-in at locations. So, if your business shows in the list of locations- people will love that.

Remember, making and using a social media account is easy.

You can ask your younger friends and family members if you face any problem.

You should always do this on your own and not depend on any social media or digital marketing agency for this.

Know your people-

The most difficult and important part of the business is to know the customer. You are not going to buy from your business, right? So, find the people who are buying or who will buy. Understand these people. Know what their interests are, what type of things they talk about? These people are important, and everything you do should be according to their preferences. Every decision should be based on them.

Once you know your customers, you have already won half of the competition. Now, you just need to do or keep on doing what you like, and you will be successful.

This also applies to social media. Track which platform is your audience most active on. Make content there. Make the type of content they like. Show them what they love.

 Add value-

Once you know your people and your customers, it is important that you do, especially what they want you to do.

You can post photos and videos of what they like. You can post photos/videos of your products or services. But, people get bored.

A lot of times- business owners just keep on posting about their business and photos of their products. This is the type of thing every social media agency would tell you to stop.

Imagine you run a business in Bihar, and all your posts are about the beauty of Belgium. This would be wrong.

Now imagine talking about the real-life problems and favorites of people from Bihar. Like sharing a picture of a Litti Chokha made at home. Your audience would love that.

Many businesses fail to give the audience what it wants. This means they never grow using social media. This is the place where you can get the help of a social media agency.

These agencies know the taste and likings of different types of people. They can make just the right content for the right platforms. This will make you the topic of the discussions and, eventually help your business grow.

Use the local factor-

There is a lot of competition in the world. In all types of businesses, in all types of audiences. This makes it crucial to know where your audience lies and go local.

You can use local hashtags. Collaborate with local influencers and even organize a local giveaway.

One thing that Webtechdm would really like you to do is to locally promote the posts. Find out which one of your posts is the most loved one. Find out which one speaks the most to your audience and promote it.

This is where money gets involved. But it is worth it. You can target specific areas within even a city to target the exact right people.

Follow trends-

Even heard of the phrase, “When in Rome, speak like Romans”?

Well, this goes for social media as well. When you are on social media, you should adapt to it. One way to do so is by following trends.

Social media of Burger King and Zomato are prime examples of that. The agency they are working with has done a great job.


This is very important. You should collaborate. This is one of the best strategies for social media.

Collaborate with a local business or an influencer. Anyone who is popular among your customers, collaborate with them.

This will add variety to your content and make you more reliable.


When you know what your audience is and what they like, it is all about consistency.

Do what they love and do that in different styles.

This sounds easy, but it isn’t.

You have to keep up with the latest trends and keep posting the type of content that your audience enjoys. You need to keep adding a little variety to that so that they don’t get bored.


The difference between a business and a brand is that the brand a specific style and a well-known type that people have trusted and love.

You know the shoe is going to amazing when you see that Nike logo, right?

That is what happens when you do branding well.

But, how to brand your business on social media?

The answer is quite simple. You need to keep posting in a similar fashion. The posts should reflect a personality, and it should be there in all posts.

This is the top of the mountain of social media. Only a few businesses reach there.

But once they do, success starts flowing in from all directions.


You are now on social media; you have started posting content. Now, if you are doing it yourself or through an agency like Webtechdm, you always need to keep track of the numbers.

One motive of social media is to build a brand presence and grow the popularity of your brand. The other is to actually bring money.

You can run ads too but, there should be slow and gradual leads or sales coming from social media.

There is a concept called Return on Investment. It means to see whether the money or effort you put in was worth it or not.

The most important numbers to track on any social media are-

  • Follower increase rate
  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Comments

Likes are often overrated but, it’s these numbers that actually tell whether your social media team is doing a good job or not.


Organic content will work only till a limit. For a bigger business, it is necessary to run ads. Even for smaller businesses looking to scale up.

You can hire a best digital marketing company in Bihar to do it for you too. Ads will directly bring you leads and even sales.

These also become important to make new people land on your profile.

This is a rapidly growing market. As soon as you reach a point where you think growing organically is getting harder, you should start running ads.

This will take up some budget but will directly help scale your business.


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